Our Story


           The forerunner of SHCA was EHS (Eastbourne Hungarian Society) which operated in 2009-2010.

            Several thousands of Hungarians live in East and West Sussex, therefore there was a natural demand to form a new organisation which provides a meeting point for those who are interested in and committed towards the Hungarian language, history, culture, music and folk dance. Our members, Hungarians and British, joined together based on cultural grounds.  

          A lot of Hungarian-British mixed families attend our events.

Events organized by EHS:

  1. 06.12.2009 – Santa Claus Party

  2. 14.02.2010 – Hungarian End-of-Winter Dress-Up Party

  3. 14.03.2010 – Commemoration of Hungarian National Day, March 15

  4. 29.04.2010 – Hungarian Disco

  5. 26.06.2010 – Farewell Party for Mr. Greg Szanto, ex-Mayor of Eastbourne

  6. 26.07.2010 – Charity Disco for the Hungarian flood victims 

  7. 21.08.2010 – Lecturing Ms Anikó Orgoványi, Hungarian contemporary painter, poet and artist

  8. 23.10.2010 –  Commemoration of Hungarian National Day, October 23 during which donations were collected for the Hungarian red mud flood victims 

  9. 05.12.2010 – Santa Claus Party

        During 2009-2010 several hundreds of people attended our events.  As we had more and more demand from East and West Sussex, it was a natural move forward to form a new, geographically wider organisation.  Therefore, EHS President Peter Vörös suggested the dissolution of EHS and the formation of the Sussex Hungarian Cultural Association (SHCA).

          The  Sussex Hungarian Cultural Association (SHCA)  was formed in January 2011. The President of SHCA is Peter Vörös and its administrative centre is in Eastbourne.  Since September 2011, every second Saturday afternoon we have been running a Hungarian Club in Brighton for children and adults alike, where the children learn about the Hungarian language, culture and folk dance in a playful way.

Events of SHCA in 2011:

  1. 16.01.2011 – Reception of Mr Pál Schmitt, President of Hungary - Hungarian Embassy, London

  2. 13.02.2011 – Hungarian End-of-Winter Dress-Up Party - Eastbourne

  3. 14.03.2011 – Commemoration of Hungarian National Day, March 15 and Cultural Mosaic - East Grinstead

  4. 29.05.2011 – International Children's Day - Eastbourne

  5. 24.09.2011 – SHCA Weekend Club Opening - Brighton

  6. 23.10.2011 – Commemoration of Hungarian National Day, October 23 - Brighton

  7. 03.12.2011 – Santa Claus Party - Brighton

  8. 29.12.2011 – New Year's Eve Party - Eastbourne

Events of SHCA in 2012:

  1. 04.02.2012 –   Hungarian End-of-Winter Dress-Up Party - Eastbourne  



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